Tuesday, March 29, 2011

localized perspective

honestly, i didnt like this perspective. we did a real simple localized perspective because all the other options were to complex. but the star looks cool, even though the end product was removed like a day after it was finished. apex doesnt like tape on the floors and walls. .................................................................................. later viewers.

FORCED perception

i had a lot of pictures of me for this perspective picures of FORCED PERCEPTION. these were my greatest ideas of the many pictures that i am in.  As i stand further back what the picture looks like changes to be a really awesome picture.  so the pictures are pretty cool.


Mr sands has no photos of me because he took pictures the day i was absent, but the superhero to the left of AJ was my painting which she painted white over. i liked doing this porject because it is always fun to be silly with the paint. i did not aim to get good proportions but i did aim to get some good color value, having colors compliment each other. so i think the picture looks good, especially with the wicked hair AJ put on my piece without permission.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I found my Duck!!!!!!

I ruined my canadian. i didnt get the shading right so he looks like a freak. but i guess its good for my experience in oil pastel. At least i was able to see the shading of my piece unlike other pastel portraits. If i could do this project over again i would see how i could make the shades of blue on a seperate sheet of paper and i would be more patient with rubbing the color in with my finger (or i would try something other than a finger). it was difficult trying to grid his face in right and then shade it right but its okay. ive learned that you should test the shading first and then be careful when trying to blend it in. i dont want to do this again.


my stencil of a bear came out really well. It was dificult making the details with the exactoknife but the final outcome is pretty good.its all negative and positive space that even makes it look like a bear. I dont think i couldve done anything better except the details of ruggidness. If there was plenty of time to do the project it wouldve been a bit better. i knew that art takes time but i learned that sometimes you have to take off a bit of perfection to get a good peice done on time.