Sunday, June 1, 2014

LA Riots

Parellel Project

This is my final project for the year. This project reflects an event that happened sometime in the past and I know you are wondering, "What does this represent?". Im glad you asked, because this is supposed to represent the LA Riots. The people are candles and and this image shows the police brutality inflicted upon Rodney King (bottom) simultaneously with the severe beating of Reginald Denny (top) which was a climatic point in the beginning part of the LA Riots. Being candles, they start fires as the riots "heat up".
Artists Communicate through their work: 4

It communicates the issue that arose from mistreatment based on race and how violence can be contagious.

Artists create original art: 3

I originally wanted to do only a painting, but with my lack of painting skills, I thought I would make the piece literally stand out with cheaply made (though time consuming) brick buildings.