Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jordan's Back!! (Art III)

Hello non-viewers!

I am back and i have more artsie fartsie stuff to do. Lately I have made 2 drawings and I am currently working on a project with letters.
The Getaway: by Jordan Woertman

Small World: by Jordan Woertman
This drawing and coloring is about tension and what is more tense than a bank robbery.Drawing is not my expertise so a project like this reflects how

Artists develop art making skills:
     I experimented and tried something that makes me uncomfortable but i know that getting better at drawing will help me.

Artists create original art:
     old concept, new perspective.

Small World shows my "plans" to make a  sculpture of how small that world is that it fits easily into the hand of God, and off the back of Atlas.

Artists Communicate through their work:
     "its a small world after all" is especially true with developments in the internet and trade; we can have access to anybody around the world at one time.

Artists develop skills:
     Once again, not a pro at drawing.

Artists create original work:
     Old concepts all mashed together into something new.
Sneak peek!!