Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OverView of art 1 (one)

For my last post in Art 1 with MR. Sands, i have to answer his very well thought Q&A.

Q: Which project do you feel you learned, grew or developed the most from? Explain why and post images of that project.      A: The Middle Ground, Foreground, and Background painting of mine came out to be my best project and helped me improve my artistic ability and thinking and it taught me that i am a greater painter than i thought. I learned how the fan brush makes a really good snowy forest and can make some good foreground trees.

Q:  Which project do you feel will be the most relevant in your life? Explain why and post photos of that project.
      A: Probalby perspective and shading because i am someone who likes to make my art work creative and imaginary but realistic. Shading is still an issue in my art capabilities and learning more ways to improve my perspective helps with that style of art that i like. But as a real time consuming project, the pastel of the canadian is probably most relevant.

Q: Which project had the least value? Explain why and post photos of that project.

       A: My clay pot wasnt necissarilly my worst piece this year, but it came out pretty bad, i didnt really learn anything, and it is too big to go anywhere in our house except the middle of the family table. Now i have to see it every day. The 2nd worst would be the fish prints, but it helped emphasive that you can make art outof anything

My fish Prints( im in the picture)

Clay Project( Mr Sands didnt get photos of my final product)My Canadian ( oil pastel drawing)My Amazingly awesome , super fantastic FOREGROUD, MIDDLEGROUND, BACKGROUD.

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