Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stretch of the Truth

This project was appropriation and it was a hard one. i had to saw down a 2x4 and fix it up into the black stretching truth that it is.

Artists develop art making skills: 3

this project gave me practice with using tools and wood to create a sculpted piece, but it wasnt a skill that was absolutely new to me.

Artists take risks: 2

There was a lot of risk of messing it up but their was also plenty of room for improvising through mistakes, so overall it was not very risky. I was very unsure about carving the letters out individually versus just punching out holes and keeping the letters scrunched closely together.

Artists communicate through their work: 3

The artwork communicates how truth is very vague and challenging to get straight but also how people constantly fight to find out the truth even when it stretches out of place.


Colorful Bubbleful

This was the time project and aside from the time it took to make, it incorporated time as an element by having bubbles be blown over a period of a week (otherwise the bubble fluid would have soaked into one big mess)

Artists create art that is original: 3

I took the splatter paint concept and used it to inspire this work. It is similar to splatter paint except it uses bubbles and the bubbles soak into rings instead of dripping down a canvas.

Artists take risks: 3

This project was more risky because I was unsure if the bubbles would have the effect that they did. they could've splattered like paint or they could've made rings like they did. Yay!!

Artists are problem solvers: 4

this project had a multitude of problems. Choosing a kind of paper that would absorb the color effectively while not wrinkling was challenging. Also I had to frequently fix the bubble containers and add soap so it could retain its bubblocity.

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